Joey Jack from Baron Nissan in New York provides this excellent review of Peace of Mind Protection from Fidelity Dealer Services.  New Leased Vehicles with 8 fantastic products including:

  1. $5,000 End of Lease Protection (No panel or per-occasion limits)
  2. $200 Over Mileage Protection
  3. Tire & Wheel Road Hazard 
  4. Oil Changes & Tire Rotations
  5. Lost or Damaged Key and FOB
  6. Ding & Dent
  7. Roadside 
  8. Warranty Extension for Lease Terms extending beyond manufacturers' warranty end

Peace of Mind Protection is also available on Cash and Financed purchases.  

Customers wanting this protections or Dealers wanting to offer this package should contact Fidelity Dealer Services from the number on the screen or email:  ​Gary at FidelityDealerServices dot com